About Seek It.

Who are we?

Daniel Laufer has more than 30 years experience with informal education - teaching about Israel with organizations such as Ramah Israel, The Jewish Agency, Young Judea and Alexander Muss. Yitz Woolf is a web and print designer and photographer who always aims to bring creative ideas to fruition. Seek It/חפש את combines Yitz’s singular photography and design skills with Daniel’s love of creative, fun and educational Israel experiences. Daniel and Yitz also are co-founders of Let’s Bench, a Jerusalem startup working in the event planning industry - creating personalized event keepsakes. 

Why Seek It?

Discovering local neighborhoods is one of the best parts of traveling around Israel.

What is Seek It?

SEEK IT is an experiential walking tour -a scavenger hunt like experience that gives visitors the opportunity to explore the narrow, picturesque alleyways in Israel. SEEK IT participants use our photo ‘game’ booklet in order to find and identify the stencil art, graffiti and knick-knacks that decorate the homes, sidewalks and walls of an iconic Israeli neighborhood.

Who is it good for?

SEEK IT is excellent for all ages! We’ve found that teens, family groups as well as other tourists love the opportunity to have fun and explore a neighborhood on their own. Take the opportunity to peer in doorways and flowering urban gardens, decipher wall art, and walk the narrow streets and paths while viewing the quirky architecture and charming environs of these neighborhoods.

What locations are currently offered?

SEEK IT currently offers three locations, including Nachlaot, Neve Tzedek, and Jaffa.

How does it work?

SEEK IT is played competitively, with teams searching for as many items as possible from the booklet. Alternatively, simply use SEEK IT as a way to wander through the neighborhood. A SEEK IT guide helps get the experience started -- offering some factoids, explaining how to play the game and telling some local stories.

What do we need for the activity?

Each participant receives a colorfully designed 5 x 5” Seek It booklet that includes 80 images and a full-color, detailed map of the winding streets of the neighborhood. The booklet is used throughout the game and then kept as a keepsake from the experience. The only other tools needed are a pen or pencil and one smartphone or camera per team for recording findings… and a sense of adventure and fun!

Who are the guides?

At the beginning, participants will meet the facilitator for an introduction to the game and brief history of the neighborhood. Our guides are locals who can add color to the experience.

How long does it take?

Between 60-90 minutes. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of the program varies depending on the size of the group. See below for the price list. The price includes all materials, one Seek It booklet per person, one facilitator per group and implementation of the activity.

Price list (for ages 5+)

31-45+ participants - 60 NIS/pp

21-30 participants - 75 NIS/pp

11-20 participants - 85 NIS/pp

5-10 participants - 120 NIS/pp

VAT not included

Larger groups are 50 NIS/pp

How to register?

Contact Daniel Laufer at daniel@seekitisrael.com or +972 58-3324791‬ to coordinate a date and/or to register a group.

Where do we meet?

After registering, you will receive a confirmation and information for where to meet etc.

What happens at the end?

Each group will reconnect at a pre-arranged final meeting spot for a summary. The competitive facet of the game will conclude with a quiz/discussion relating to the ‘factoids’ from each page of the booklet. Adding a few personal stories and historical tales, the group will then conclude the activity with a brief overview of some of the personalities who grew out of the neighborhood.

Are there other options as well?

Seek It staff can also help facilitate some additional options including elements of art, song, collecting local stories and/or the search for spirituality- among others.