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One of the first neighborhoods built outside of the city wall, Nachlaot's charm includes narrow winding lanes, old-style housing, hidden courtyards and many small synagogues.

Neve Tzedek

Oriental architectural style, combined with quaint, narrow streets with trendy boutiques, make Neve Tzedek, which means Oasis of Justice, quite literally an oasis in the modern ‘nonstop’ city.


A port city, Jaffa's famous Shuk Hapishpushim - which means 'flea market' is a celebration of colorful people, fabrics, and smells.

What is Seek It?

Seek It is an experiential photo-scavenger hunt, played in picturesque and unique Israeli neighborhoods.

With our game booklet in hand, Seek It participants set out to locate and discover the hidden gems, architecture, sculptures, graffiti, murals, and objects found along the narrow streets and paths of these iconic Israeli neighborhoods.

Seek It offers three different, exciting routes for you to embark on in Israel.



Downtown Jerusalem Neighborhood near the Market

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Neve Tzedek

Charming, Trendy Tel Aviv Neighborhood

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Tel Aviv’s Ancient and Renewed Port City

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One of the first neighborhoods built outside the Old City walls, Nachlaot is known for its narrow winding lanes, small, curio-laden houses, hidden courtyards and tiny synagogues. The area is adjacent to the Mahane Yehuda market, and residents still rely on the market for their weekly and daily shopping. This was also the home to many famous Jerusalemites, including the Banai family and former president Yitzhak Navon and now includes university students, artists, musicians as well as families among its residents.

The Seek It experience will place participants in the midst of this charming, iconic neighborhood, and by finding the doorways laden with ornaments, wall stencils and other items from the Seek It booklet, you will get to know Nachlaot, almost as well as if you lived there.

Famous Landmarks

Take in the view of the Knesset and Israel’s Supreme Court.

Wander up to the Bezalel Academy of Art, Israel’s first and most prestigious art school.


Neve Tzedek

Another historic neighborhood, Neve Tzedek was one of the first Jewish neighborhoods built outside Jaffa, its eclectic architecturally-styled buildings constructed along narrow streets now lined with trendy boutiques and cafes. Neve Tzedek, which means Oasis of Justice, is quite literally an oasis in the modern ‘nonstop’ city of Tel Aviv.

This is a neighborhood known for its design, with streets lined with both original and renovated houses decorated with architectural detail, fanciful decorations and unique features. The Seek It experience will put participants in the neighborhood’s streets and sidewalks, discovering the particular details of the homes and narrow streets that make up this beloved Tel Aviv area.

What's here?

The Gutman Museum, a jewel of a stop for its collection of early paintings and drawings of Tel Aviv, by painter Nachum Gutman.

Check out the Aharon Chelouche House, named for Chelouche, one of the major founders of Neve Tzedek.

Tour the Rokach House, built by Tel Aviv mayor Shimon Rokach, who was one of the pioneers of the neighborhood.



Jaffa is one of Tel Aviv’s most popular areas, a city within the city that is rich in possibility, from the scent of the nearby sea and the famed Jaffa port to the area’s Shuk Hapishpushim, its historic market offers a celebration of people, stores, restaurants and cafes.

Located to the south of Tel Aviv, Jaffa existed long before the modern city, known for its port that greeted ancient visitors, including Solomon and Jonah. It’s now a mixed urban area, long home to its Arab residents, and more recently populated by Tel Avivians seeking something different.

The Seek It visitor will wander along the main and side streets of the market area and port, gaining an innate understanding of how this area developed and changed over the years, and seeing firsthand how the creative spirits in Jaffa have turned it into a place where everyone wants to be.


Take in the Jaffa Flea Market and test your ability to bargain with the locals.

Walk around Old Jaffa, an area of art galleries and winding paths overlooking the port, and visit the Ilana Goor Museum which features the famous artist's sculptures, jewelry and clothing.

Book a tour at the Peres Center for Peace and experience the high-tech promise of the future.

Meet our guides

Eden Djamchid

Vocalist and cellist Eden Djamchid is one of our Seek It guides, a resident of Nachlaot for the past few years. She likes to say that Nachlaot is the kind of place where she can lean out her window and call to her sister, Shai-Li Djamchid, the other half of their band, The Djamchid Sisters, whose apartment is just across the way. It doesn’t hurt that the rest of their family also lives in the neighborhood, just steps away from the city’s best food shopping, in the shuk, the Mahane Yehuda market.

Ayelet Feit Schwartz

Ayelet, born and bred to American parents who immigrated to Israel and Tel Aviv, has been living in Nachlaot since beginning her studies two years ago in community social work and political science at Hebrew University. She has always loved exploring new places, from her community service in Ashkelon before the army and time spent in Israel’s Arava Desert to her studies in the Far East. It was clear that Nachlaot would be Ayelet’s new home as a student, both because of its charm and easy character, and because it stands out as a community of neighbors, where people want to get to know one another.


Elad has been living in Jerusalem for ten years, five of them in Nachlaot. Elad is fascinated by languages, the people speaking them, and the food those people love to eat - which all meet in Mahane Yehuda Market, adjacent to the heart of Nachlaot.

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